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Prom & Grand March Tickets

Posted Date: 3/14/24 (10:26 AM)

Prom & Grand March tickets are still available to purchase from the LHS Office. Prom is Saturday, March 16th, 2024 at the Memorial Center. Grand March begins at 7:30 and Prom follows.

Important Info: Prom tickets can only be purchased by upperclassmen (Juniors & Seniors). If an upperclassmen wants to invite a Sophomore or Freshman from LHS OR if they want to invite a student from a different school, they must fill out a dance request form (available in the office) and submit it to Mr. Germany. Turn the form in ASAP, especially if they're from a different school. We have to fax it to the other school to get their Principal's signature, which can take time.

Prom Tickets: $25 each OR 2 for $40
Grand March Tickets: $5 each

Note: Grand March tickets are for family members who want to watch Grand March. Students don't need to purchase a Grand March ticket to participate in it.