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Libby Elementary School

ROAR is an acronym that stands for Respect, Organization, Attitude, Responsibility.  These four traits are the cornerstone of our behavioral expectations.  ROAR can be found throughout the building.  ROAR is taught directly to students through a series of lessons referred to as Teach To’s.  The Teach To’s specifically teach the behavior to be used in every setting in the building.   Hallway behavior, bathroom behavior, lunchroom behavior and entering or exiting the building are examples of settings in which we direct teach the desired behavior.

The Teach tos’ allow staff and students throughout the building to understand a universal code of behavior that creates a safe, friendly, and positive learning environment.  ROAR is part of a larger system of creating positive learning environments known as Positive Behavior Support .  PBS is a complex system the seeks to meet the behavioral and emotional needs of all students through the use of positive support rather than negative or punitive consequences.

We celebrate and recognize ROAR behavior throughout the school year in a variety of ways:  daily, weekly, quarterly, and intermittently.   A student from each classroom is recognized as the ROAR student of the week and receives a special pencil along with having their name announced on the intercom.  Each quarter all students have the opportunity to engage in a schoolwide activity such as playday afternoon with teachers playing alongside students, snow fights in January,  a Flashdance through the halls, and an end-of-the-year water fight.  Students can also be recognized by receiving a golden ticket from a staff member for exhibiting ROAR behavior.  Tickets are posted on a special board at the Front Office.  When the board is filled 14 names are drawn.  Those students may invite a friend to join them in a special activity which changes with each game.  Activities such as basketball, dodgeball, and extra recess have been awarded in the past.

Libby is regularly recognized by the state MBI (Montana Behavioral Initiative) as a top school in creating positive school environment that is conducive to learning for ALL students.