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Libby Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten is an early intervention program at Libby Elementary School. This intervention program is designed to accommodate 4 and 5 year old children in meeting academic and social emotional standards necessary for success throughout their academic career. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is aligned to Libby Public Schools mission and is directly guided by Montana Content Standards for Kindergarten. 4 year old students may qualify under Libby School Board Policy #3110.

With Early Learning, children are more likely to graduate from high school.

prepare This will improve the long-term success rate for ALL of our children!

90% Kindergarten Readiness

With Early Learning...

children build appropriate social/emotional skills, which helps them to build real self-esteem.

With Early Learning experiences...

children develop through meaningful hands-on experiences. This helps lead to future educational success.


Benefits of Early Learning

Students show an improvement in social/emotional skills.

Available to qualified 4 Year-Olds

Our Staff!

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
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"Libby is extremely lucky to have such an amazing opportunity for our Pre-K students. The teachers and program are awesome!"

Trish Morford

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