Distinguished Graduates Hall of Fame

 For 31 years now, past graduates of Libby High School have been selected for honor and recognition.  The Libby High School Distinguished Graduate Hall of Fame includes graduates who have gone on to make a distinction in the fields of Law, Medicine, Politics, Industry, Education, and various other endeavors.   

Our committee, made up of 7 past Libby graduates, meets several times during the year to select honorees.  Committee members are:

Jeff Gruber
Jennifer Nelson
Kevin Peck
Gary Roberts
Julie Wedel
Dick Wood

Simply stated, our committee selects Libby High School graduates who have lived their lives well by enriching their country, community, and fellow citizens.  It’s the stewardship principle – leaving the world a better place than you found it. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact one of the committee members or send an email to gruberj@libbyschools.org




Florence Swanson

Andrew McNair

Inez Herrig

John Blackford

Clairance Karnes


Angela Holiday

Lamar Rowland

Millet Keller

Pat Thompson

Raymond Kujawa

Orval Saunders

Jeanne Barkee Hillis

George Rusher

Herb Zawadke

Melvin Knudson

Earl Lovick

Margaret Redfield Wenk

Robert Neils

Gordon Luscher

Betty Hennessy

Dick (John R.) Hennessy

Bud Nowell

Joyce Daggett Olson

James Rubard

Ove Larson

Brad Phillips

Don Hayden

Robert Nolop


Margery Hunter Brown

Fred Brown

Dr. Duane Daugherty

Bill Martin

Dr. William Shawl

Magnar Ronning

William Luscher

Dr. Tom Fennessy

Celia Ann Brink

Hugh Swimley


Gary Hurd

Carol Cady


Marc Racicot

Roe Hatlen

Arthur Rambo

Dale Shaurette

Gail Maestes

Nita Smith Hamilton

Dr. Marie Phillips

Dr. Dave Smith

Charles Decker

Marv Sather

Dr. Richard Wood

Gerald Slater

Tony Smith

Tom Wood

Col. Jim Hogan


Bruce Vincent

Dr. Mark Osteen

Dr. Mary Kujawa

Todd Hileman

Dr. Dean Thomas Scow

John Sauer

Dr. Greg Luna

Dr. M. Duane Nellis

Dan Rambo

Capt. Craig Solem

Dr. Sandi Solem

Terry Fennessy

Tim Fennessy

1980s Terry Maki